Investment Management in Portland, OR

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Our clients are business owners, individuals, and families looking for the most effective and safe way to invest their money and to plan for their future well-being. MKG Financial Group offers investment management services and consultancy to help them meet these goals.

Our Team’s Approach

We use a team approach to portfolio management that relies on the financial and investment experience of our principals. We research industry securities and corporate stocks in industry white papers, government and independent business reports, publications on new technology trends, and other relevant sources. Learn more about our investment strategy.

Investment Services

Our experience has allowed us to provide our clients with a number of investment services that will ensure their financial future going forward. We offer our clients the following:

Open Communications

Especially in the wake of the market turbulence of late 2008, today’s investors demand open access to their assets and portfolios, and full accountability and communication from their investment advisors. MKG Financial Group has operated with these needs in mind since our inception.

We provide our clients with each of the following:

  • Secure log-in access to client reports
  • Check writing privileges
  • Streamlined transfers of retirement plan rollovers into stocks and bonds or mutual funds

Accessible Information

It is imperative that our clients be well informed about the performance and intricacies of their portfolios. Our financial advisors allow our clients to be privy to information such as their annual portfolio performance compared to market performance, gains and losses security transactions, available cash on hand, specific trade activity, and account holdings.

With MKG’s investment services, you will have first-hand access to the most vital and financially empowering information you need.