Investment Advisors In Portland, OR

MKG Financial Group, Inc.’s investment strategy comes from a combination of several schools of investment philosophy and the combined experience of our principles.

Our Investment Philosophy

At MKG Financial Group, Inc., we focus on the influence of globalization on the industries and corporations of the world and on our specific region. Globalization – the competition and collaboration between international industries – is the most important driving force in the world’s economies. At MKG Financial Group, Inc., we strive to understand the effects these trends are having on national and international markets.

Our philosophy incorporates three primary investing paradigms: value investing, contrarian investing, and special situations (or distressed securities). Value investing refers to the idea that informed investors can identify, using fundamental analysis of corporate and industry reports, and securities with shares that are underpriced. Contrarian investing refers to the idea that crowd behavior (investors flocking to stocks that are doing well, and abandoning stocks that are doing poorly) can lead to situations in which securities are overvalued or undervalued. Contrarian investing ideally exploits these incorrect valuations by taking holdings contrary to what the wider market is doing. Special situations refer to making investments during unique situations when companies or industries are either overvalued or undervalued in the market. This is usually due to unique circumstances such as when negative reports about a company are released (also often referred to as distressed securities).

Our Researching Difference

Our team members go far beyond investing by continuing their education in the field and teaching clients. We research industry securities and corporate stocks in industry white papers, government and independent business reports, publications on new technology trends, and other relevant sources. We also spend time understanding the global economy.

MKG Financial Group, Inc.’s Experience

MKG Financial Group, Inc. uses a team approach to portfolio management that relies on the financial and investment experience of our principles. The President, CEO, and Chief Investment Officer of MKG Financial Group, Inc., Mark Gaskill, has been active in the securities business since 1977, working for both regional and large Wall Street firms. The key economic and market strategist for MKG Financial Group, Inc., Mark manages portfolios for our Private Client Group as well as all profit sharing plans.

MKG Financial Group, Inc. will be happy to help you secure financial health for your future. Learn more about our services today and contact us for a free consultation.