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MKG Financial Group, Inc. has a thorough knowledge of the industries we follow and an understanding of the market based on years of practical experience.

Our Process

We begin with an in-depth study of the interaction between domestic and international economic activity. We then apply a 3-tiered approach using Value, Contrarian, and Special Situations investment paradigms to build solid positions, rather than engaging in continuous trading. Focusing on economic and growth trends allows us the flexibility to seek out investment opportunities in today’s changing market environment.

We include both fundamental and trend analysis in our extensive research, allowing us to take action when we see opportunities develop. MKG Financial invests primarily in small and mid-sized companies with a net capitalization of $100 million to $5 billion, as well as large, dividend-paying companies. For more balance accounts, we include investments in fixed and alternative income securities.

What Makes Performance Successful?

Successful performance occurs when one can identify companies that will participate, grow, and dominate a particular growth trend. As there are different levels of participation, it is imperative to select leaders that control not only their niche within an industry, but also exhibit the best investment strategy, or value, relative to their fundamentals.

Our Philosophy

We believe in personalizing the portfolios of our clients. We build each client’s portfolio to cater specifically to his goals and objectives rather than investing his money in a shared fund. We work with our clients to provide growth, income and balance; emphasizing balanced income portfolios to fit each clients’ needs for the long-term.

Our team here at MKG Financial Group, Inc. uses all of the experience and research tools at hand in an attempt to identify investment opportunities before the general public recognizes the value of these entities and their products and/or services. We strive to notice early value and the potential for long-term performance, even under fluctuating market conditions. Contact us today to learn how we can ensure the health of your financial future.

MKG Financial Group, Inc.
MKG Financial Group, Inc.
MKG Financial Group, Inc.
MKG Financial Group, Inc.