Build a Stock Portfolio with Portland’s Financial Experts

MKG Financial Group, Inc. provides expert investment advice, retirement savings plans, and other financial services to Portland residents. Call our experts today to start investing with a stock portfolio.

What is a Stock Portfolio?

A well-built stock portfolio consists of stocks that perform in the long-term, instead of stocks that are hot. It is important to build a portfolio of a balanced variety of different types of stocks. Our experts will work with you to customize the right balance of stocks for your portfolio.

Our Research

Our experts perform thorough research on industry securities, corporate stocks, and the global economy to fully understand market trends. Our research has led us to incorporate three investing techniques into our strategy. Through value, contrarian, and special situation investing, we identify which stocks and securities have the most potential for a positive return  based on each client’s financial goals.

About Us

We believe in being fully transparent with our clients. We’re frequently in touch to update you on account activity, and you can view your current holdings, portfolio activity, and monthly reports using our online portal. We get to know each of our clients on a personal level to understand their current financial situation, their risk tolerance, and their ultimate goals.

To start building your stock portfolio with MKG Financial Group, Inc., call us or fill out our form for a free consultation. Our experienced team of investors looks forward to working with you.